Having limited space for your setup and wanting something that is best in its working as well. Then you’ve found the perfect match for yourself.  Single board computers save you space and are efficient in their working. The single board computers are small in size but they can pretty much perform everything that a normal computer can perform. They were mainly invented for industrial purposes but can now be purchased for personal use as well.

What are single board computers?

As the name suggests, single-board computers are built on a single-circuit board. All the components such as input/output functions, memory, microprocessors, and all the other elements are built on a single board.

The size of an SBC or embedded board computer can be as small as a credit card and can be as large as the size of a gaming console. They are commonly used in larger devices such as an ATM (automated teller machine), and medical equipment also can be used in the creation of robots.

Advantages of single board computers

We have discussed earlier that single-board computer components are assembled on single-circuit boards. They also come with a lot of advantages that are not present in personal computers (PC) or even laptops.

· Small sized

The best part about single board computers is that they are small in size which makes them fit anywhere, even in smaller spaces. Their small size doesn’t mean that they cannot perform as well as the normal computer they give the same performance as any other computer.

· Ideal for harsh surroundings

Single board computers are best for harsh environments because they are rugged more than usual thus they are resistant to shock and vibrations. They generate a minimum amount of heat.

· Long lifespan

Single board computers have a longer life than normal computers because they are heat resistant and can be used in harsh environments and make them last longer.

· Wide range of usage

Single board computers are widely used in a lot of areas such as military applications, medical purposes, and security systems. Their usage is rapidly increasing as they are efficient.

· Cheaper in price

These computers are inexpensive and have been used for the past years by educators or hobbyists. As their price is low they are now being used commonly for personal use as well. As they are cheaper than the normal computer they are bought more frequently than the other computers.

· Adaptable

The single-board computers are adaptable which means that they can be modified by their users as per their personal needs

· Easy to use

As single board computers are small, they are straight forward which makes them very easy to use. Single board computers are simple, unlike some personal computers which can be difficult. These computers usually come with some built-in features which make their work easy.

· Use less power

As single board computers are smaller in size. They use less power to operate. So, if you want less electricity bills then this is your go-to computer as this will save you money on electricity bills.

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