In most third-world countries, electricity is produced by using non-renewable energy resources. These non-renewable energy resources adversely affect the global environment. In the modern world, most countries are shifting their energy resources to renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resources are generating energy from the heat and temperature of the sun. This is called solar energy. For the generation of solar energy, solar panels are used. The solar panel consists of solar plates and batteries. For household energy usage, small commercial buildings, and small offices, a 5KW solar system can be used.  A 5 KW solar system will be able to produce energy of 5000 watts.  To understand more about 5 KW solar systems you can click on the link given below.

Where it can be installed?

5 KW solar systems can be used by a small house of 3 to 4 people. This system is the best fit for a house that is generally not in the use of any air conditioner or electric geyser. If the house uses the energy more than 20 to 30 KW a day, then a larger system is more suitable. 5 KW of solar system can easily produce an average power of 20 KWh per day. 5 KW of the solar system is installed on the roof of a house. If the solar plates are installed such that it faces the sun for approximately the whole day, then 20 KWh of power can be produced easily.

A 5 KW of solar system can be installed on a roof that has an area of more than 25 square meters. There are different sizes of solar plates depending on the manufacturing company. The solar plate which has a greater area produces more energy. Depending on the size of the roof, the number of solar plates can be adjusted. A panel having the dimensions of 1.7m x 1m generally consists of up to 20 solar plates. For 5 KW solar systems, if each solar plate has a capacity of 370 W then 14 solar plates can perform the function.

Cost of 5kw solar system:

The rough cost of a 5 KW solar system ranges from 50,000 U.S. dollars to 55,000 U.S. dollars. There are different factors that influence the cost of 5 KW solar systems. One is the wholesale rate of the manufacturing companies. There are different industries that make solar plates and hence offer different rates. The quality of the plate varies with the price as well. The second factor which affects the rate of 5 KW solar systems is compensation. The state itself is appreciating the people for the installation of 5 KW solar systems. The government is proving tax reliefs in different states which is ultimately affecting the actual cost of the solar system. At last, different contractors also provide different rates as per the competition and demand in the market.

The life span of solar plates is usually 30 years. However, the efficiency of the solar plates is reduced after 25 years. The amount saved per year by the installation of 5 KW solar systems is up to 13,000 U.S. dollars. So, the payback period is four years.  A 5 KW solar panel can save approximately 57000 U.S. dollars in its lifetime.

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