There are different kinds of laser machines. One of them, which is considered to be very good, is the Fiber Laser Machine. Fiber lasers are used in almost all sectors. For example construction industries, Aerospace Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Medical Industries, E-mobilities, Jewelry Companies, and several Others. A fiber laser is an instrument that is used in cutting, cleaning, welding, quenching, marking, and folding.

Different Sizes Of Fiber Laser

Fiber comes in different sizes and watts such as 10w fiber laser, 20w fiber laser, 30w fiber laser, 50w fiber laser, 100w fiber laser, and other numerous sizes.

20w Fiber Laser Machine

20w Fiber Lasers are the least instrument that is advisable for use for efficiency and great work. Also, the workspace could be in the range of 2 to 4 inches.

30w Fiber Laser Machine

A 30w Fiber laser Machine is more expensive compared to a 20w Fiber Laser Machine. They are efficient, however, they can be used by those who have a 2-8 inches workspace. They are pretty good and also economical enough to buy.

50w Fiber Laser Machine

A 50w Fiber Laser Machine has a lot of power and can be used for deep engravings efficiently. This can be used in big companies and also if you have a great project at hand, you can consider buying a 50w Fiber laser machine. They are somewhat expensive, but they are in high demand.

There are several other fiber laser machines like 500w fiber machine and 1500w fiber machine. The workspace would be gigantic enough to get their work done.

Fiber Laser Usage and Composition

Fiber laser machines are considered to be better than other kinds of laser machines. Fiber laser machines have more power and also have access to great speed. Their frequency is also great.

Most companies make use of fiber laser machines because it is easy to maintain, and economical compared to other kinds of laser.

Fiber Laser is made from silicate glass which makes it easier to navigate And immerse in light. It is widely used in cutting numerous materials like copper, silver, ceramic, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, titanium, and other hard materials. They are also used for welding and producing electronic materials. Fiber laser is also made up of rare-earth elements like neodymium.

A fiber laser is made up of a cutting head, water chiller, stabilizer, air compressor, dust collector, cooling dryer filter, laser generator, and several others. Fiber laser cutting is majorly used in cutting and designing metals to get accurate shapes and sizes.

Advantages Of Fiber Laser

  • They are fast. They can cut and mark delicate materials in seconds.
  • They can be used for crafting logos, graphics, and pictures on metals and hard materials.
  • They have a long life span and their mode of operation is great.


Fiber Laser has more cutting capacity than all other types of laser. Fiber laser tubes are more compact than other laser machines, especially CO2 Electronic Machines. They are also used in creating serial numbers and are environmentally sustainable. Aside from being a great tool, they could be harmful if it is not handled with care.

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