Huawei Watch 3 is the first smartwatch that runs Harmony OS, and it’s a great example of the new operating system. The AMOLED display effectively showcases the software’s capabilities, making it a joy to use. Pre-installed fitness tools are excellent, but the Watch 3 can’t compete with Apple and Google for different applications.

Availability and Cost

Until June 2021, the Huawei watch 3 was only available in limited countries, costing £279.99. It costs roughly $390 (AU$530), but no US releases are scheduled, and an Australian release date has not yet been set. It’s possible to get the Huawei Watch 3 Pro, which has more capabilities, like dual-band GPS for better accuracy and longer battery life. As a result, it comes with a steeper price tag, beginning at £499.99 (about $690/AU$940).

If you’re looking for a watch that looks more like the Watch GT than the hefty Huawei Watch 2, go no further than the Huawei Watch 3. It has a broad, glossy face with minimum bezels and glass that bends to meet the casing. With its 46mm case and black silicone band, the Huawei Watch 3 active edition isn’t nearly as soft as Apple’s new Watch 6, but it’s still comfy. Instead of relying on the loop-and-tang style fastening that is becoming incredibly common with smartwatches & fitness trackers, this band uses a standard buckle to secure it.

Smartwatch Features

The Huawei Watch 3 is a fitness-focused wristwatch. Still, it also boasts a decent variety of features that make it a useful everyday smartwatch, especially if you have an Android phone or an Apple Watch would be out of the question.

Fitness Features

Fitness tracking is the primary emphasis of the Huawei Watch 3. You should complete a set of Apple Watch-style rings before you go to sleep as a daily reminder to keep moving forward in your life. Inactivity warnings will also remind you to get up and move about. Workout options range from indoor and outdoor environments (including a triathlon mode to monitor swimming, road cycling stages in one go) to those that you use the most frequently, so there’s no need to read through each list each time.

Battery Life

Like the Apple Watch 6, it can charge the Huawei Watch 3 through a magnetic puck. Huawei’s chargers, on the other hand, use USB-A ports instead of USB-C. Despite Huawei’s claims that the watch can last 14 days in power-saving mode and three days in wearable device mode with all features enabled, our tests found that it only lasted two and a half days when capturing a daily workout in additament simple steps and heart rate.

Companion App

The Huawei Health app, available for iOS, Android, & pre-installed with Harmony OS, links the watch to the Huawei Health app. An account must be created (if you don’t have one already), and it must give the watch rights to accomplish what it needs to do. On a Huawei P40 Pro and a Fair phone 3 plus running Android 10, the Huawei Watch 3 performed well. We had no issues connecting the Huawei phone, but the Android app couldn’t find the new wristwatch. You may fix this issue by upgrading the Huawei health app from your phone’s App Gallery.

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