A hose garden is among the attachment requirements when fixing a pressure washer ready for cleaning services. This means that there are elements about the hose garden you must comprehend to understand every aspect of it and how to use it for effectiveness. For instance, you must know your garden hose is a Kink-Proof so that it delivers the anticipated job as desired.

One aspect about these garden hoses is how heavy they are, making them hard to carry and move around as you clean with ease. So, how can you consider the elements of a perfect garden hose to attach to your pressure washer? Read on to understand better.

What are the Elements of a Good Garden Horse?

  • Kinks

In one way or the other, any garden hose will easily kink, even if you get the kink-proof one. However, you need to ensure the hose stays stable throughout your cleaning experience. In such instances, you need to use a hose reel that prevents such kinks. When you use a hose reel, your garden hose won’t coil, and it will stay straight when hanging on the wall. Also, when dragging the hose, always try to twist it to minimize kinking.

  • The Weight

In one way or the other, a garden hose will be quite heavy. However, you need to figure out how to reduce the weight to carry it around with ease. There are two ways you can consider to ensure your garden hose has lightweight. First, use light materials on the hose or reduce the materials used. To reduce the materials used, you can reduce the diameter of the hose or reduce the thickness of the wall. Although a hose with a small diameter holds less water, it is easy to carry and move around with the hose easily.

  • Materials used

The materials used to make garden hoses include polyurethane, vinyl, rubber hybrids, or rubber. Although temperatures make the rubber hoses flexible, it is still the heaviest. On the other hand, hoses made of hybrids and polyurethane are light and kink resistant. The ones made up of vinyl are prone to kink, heavy, and have a strong coil memory. They are used for inexpensive hoses because they lay flat when the temperatures are hot or when used under the sun.

However, we have a new version of hoses that have a flexible lining inside a woven and are extra thin with a fiber jacket. You can easily carry these types of hoses, and they don’t have any coil memory. Some of them experience the expansion of the diameter and length when subjected to high water pressure. However, the woven jacket restricts the liner when it reaches a given level.

  • Extra use.

Sometimes, you need a garden hose for extra home activities such as filling the swimming pool, pumping water for drinking, and other related activities at home. In such instances, ensure National Sanitation Foundation approves your hose for safety measures.


A garden hose is an extra attachment that simplifies cleaning services at home. You can attach it to your pressure washer machine and easily perform several cleaning tasks at home.

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