When someone talks about the installation of solar systems, most people think of rooftop solar panels. That particularly makes your rooftop look less attractive. Most people think that solar panels are unattractive but now here is the solution. Integrated PV system that not only provides you with nice and clean electricity but also makes your rooftop stylish.

There are different types of PV solar systems and each of them has its benefits. Apparently, integrated pv systems were invented in the early 1970s but now it has become highly advanced and quick. Now this system has been used widely across the world.

So in this blog, we will talk about different types of integrated PV systems as well as their technical features. So if you want to know more about all the procedures and the worth of this system, keep reading this blog, so without any second thought let’s dig into this blog.

Types of Solar PV Systems

Mostly the BIPV system is connected to the available grid but there are different types of BIPV so it depends on how the connection is made. One of the biggest benefits that you can get from a PV system is that the storage system is free of charge. It is 100% efficient and has lots of capacity. Usually, the solar system has 3 different types.

  • Grid-connected or utility-interactive System
  • Stand-alone System
  • Hybrid System

Generation Of Energy From BIPV

It is usually impossible to calculate the exact amount of energy generated by a BOPV system or product. The exact amount of energy depends on environmental factors and external conditions other factors may include your location, weather and more. But here is the total estimate of energy production under different conditions.

During Sunlight or Solar Radiation

The average amount of solar radiation that your home can receive is the most common way to describe the amount of energy produced by your solar system. You can also check your solar radiation potential with the help of specialised tools.

Climate And other Weather Conditions

Extremely hot summers or persistent clouds can affect the working ability of your BIPV. It can bring negative effects on all types of solar PV systems. Moreover, urban areas with higher levels of air pollution can also disturb the working capacity of your solar system. Less energy will be produced in such conditions.

During Shade Condition

No doubt the latest technology can handle all the problems but the presence of a tree building or any other structure that blocks direct sunlight from the solar system can also affect its working capacity. Working off your solar system can decrease in such conditions. A very minimal amount of energy will be produced in this condition.

Final Words

In a nutshell, installing a PV-integrated system is worth it. You cannot only save a lot but also make the appearance of your roof attractive and stylish. You can save lots of energy and money with this system. This was all about integrated PV systems if you are interested to know everything in depth visit the official website of solar gain.

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